Performance work for PILOTENKUECHE International Art Residency, Leipzig, 2019
This performance piece which emerged during the residency program in Leipzig in 2019 is centered around the question as to why certain freedom of expression and breaking of rules is granted to certain groups of people, but on the other hand denied to others. The role of the artist answers to specific expectations within society such as to cater to an extravagant and outside-the-norm lifestyle. However if people break norms just by a means to provide their income by working in the sex industry, this choice is heavily stigmatized and the people who do the work have to carry a heavy social stigma. Why is freedom granted to some and not to others? Is there a difference between a sex worker who is also making art and an artist who engages in sex work? How do social status, privileges and education influence the viewers’ perception of the work?
The performance centered around these questions and furthermore engaged the viewers to participate by expressing their own fantasies.

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